ENVS 141 inclass notes (Repaired)

ENVS 141 inclass notes (Repaired) - u u U U Direct u Cu...

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P S=MC P1 P* P2 D Q2 Q* Q1 Q Consumer Surplus WTP-P>0 D S=MC QD* P* WTP=P Q P Q* P* S=MC Producer Surplus Q Qsocial Ps Ssocial MCsocial Qprivate Sprivate MCprivate P* Q P D Public Health Effects Consumer Loss Gov. Rev. Producer Loss i.e. National Defense Q2 P2 P* Q P D Q1 Q2 Ps P* Q P D Sprivate MCprivate Ssocial MCsocial Q1 Ssocial Subsidy 'Sprivate Sprivate P3 Q3 Direct “Use Values” Indirect Option Value” Existence Values” Ecosystem Services C- U C C- Prospect Theory u U u C (c*) ( c1 *) (c*) ( c3 ) Utilitarian Theory u U u C (c*) ( *) (c*) ( ) Utilitarian Theory We don’t know much about the demand curve P “Q” “P” S 2) D P* 1) Q* Q Transcosts: Making Monitoring Enforcing Q3 Q2 Q1 ENVS 141 Ecological Economics Tuesday, October 13, 2009 “Development” – motion towards direction (idea developed 200 yrs ago) Idea came about during the Enlightenment (industrial/technological revolution) make the world a better place Stages – barbarian -> europian given an allotted amount of time will mature (but excluded most of the world) January 20, 1949 – Harry Truman Cold War – debate about what was the vehicle to (capital and communist) get to “everyone happy” Where does sustainable development come from? At best 30 years old Its definition is contested 1. “Engineer” – restraints on developing countries to counterbalance negative externalities of limitless growth with the ultimate goal of technology giving way to “sustainable growth” 2. “Global Engineer” – Seriously takes into consideration global equity 3. “Home” – stresses local Suggests synthesizing Think what kind of development does the evidence revealed lend to? Responsible for damage local and global: Institutional Failure Four Institutions: 1. “Market” – Property Rights; Residual Claims = 1. income 2. decision-making. Decentralized decision making processes. 2. “Firm” - 3. “Government” - 4. Communities – Small groups hunted but with Invention of Agriculture made sizes grew. Due to this Government and Markets came about. Norm is a mixture between Authority and Exchange
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1. Authority – a small subset that has power. Large tasks in a quick manner; “thumbs” (strength); ex ante (based on predictions). Firms fit here. 2. Exchange (markets) “Fingers” – are most flexible and tuned. Coordinates ex post (after the fact). To fix things ex post it assumes no reversibility. 3.
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ENVS 141 inclass notes (Repaired) - u u U U Direct u Cu...

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