Homework 3 - ChE 150B Problem Set 3 Due Wednesday,...

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ChE 150B Problem Set 3 Due Wednesday, September 16, 2009 Problem 1. (25 Points) This problem is a continuation of Problem 5 in Problem Set 2. To proceed, you will need to solve the differential equation obtained that was derived for absorption into a falling film together with the appropriate boundary conditions in order to obtain the concentration and flux profile in the x-direction at various values of length (z) in the film. The following parameters are relevant to this problem: 9 2.1 10 AB D - = m 2 /s 0.5 L = m, 4 5.0 10 δ - = m 1000 ρ = kg/m 3 0.001 μ = kg / m / s 1 A p = atm 0.78 H = atm m 3 / mole (a) What are the concentration profiles, c A (x), and flux of A N A (x = 0), at the surface of the film for values of z equal to 0.25 and 0.5 m? You may assume that v(x) ≈ v max . (b) Does your solution correspond to the case where the assumption of penetration theory is valid? Be sure to explain your answer. How does your answer depend on the values of δ 2 /D AB ? Why is this ratio relevant? Problem 2. (30 points) Liquid benzene leaked from a storage tank and seeped into the ground below. Since the density of benzene is less than the density of water, the liquid benzene formed a light nonaqueous-phase liquid layer on top of the water-saturated solid
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Homework 3 - ChE 150B Problem Set 3 Due Wednesday,...

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