HW12 ChE 150B F2009

HW12 ChE 150B F2009 - and the location of the feed plate...

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ChE 150B Problem Set 12 Due November 20, 2009 Problem 1. (50 Points) A distillation column is to be designed to separate a mixture of 8 components with the following feed rates at 700 kPa: Compound f i (kmol /hr) C 3 2500 iC 4 400 nC 4 600 iC 5 100 nC 5 200 nC 6 40 nC 7 50 nC 8 40 It is known that the heavy key is iC 5 , which will have a distillate rate of 15 kmol/hr, and the light key is nC 4 , which will have a bottoms rate of 6 kmol/hr. Furthermore, assume for all parts of this problem that only the light key and heavy key distribute; all other components do not distribute. Determine the following: (a) the minimum number of equilibrium stages and the distribution of non-key components by the Fenske equation. (b) the minimum external reflux rate and distribution of non-key components at minimum reflux by the appropriate Underwood equation if the feed is a bubble-point liquid at column pressure. (c) The actual number of stages required for the separation based on the Gilliland correlation
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Unformatted text preview: and the location of the feed plate. Hint: You will find the following equation useful: , where P is in psia, T is in o R (Rankine), and the constants are the following: Compound a T1 a T2 a T6 a P1 a P3 C 3-970,688.5626 0 7.15059 -0.76984 6.90224 iC 4-1,166,846 0 7.72668 -0.92213 0 nC 4-1,280,557 0 7.94986 -0.96455 0 iC 5-1,481,583 0 7.58071 -0.93159 0 nC 5-1,524,891 0 7.33129 -0.89143 0 nC 6-1,778,901 0 6.96783 -0.84634 0 nC 7-2,018,803 0 6.52914 -0.79543 0 nC 8 0 -7,646.81641 12.48457 -0.73152 0 You will find it useful to use a program such as MATLAB or MathCAD to determine the bubble-point temperature of the feed, bottoms, and distillate streams (see Eqn 4-12 in S&H). This will allow the calculation of volatility of each stream for various components to help you use the Fenske and Underwood equations....
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HW12 ChE 150B F2009 - and the location of the feed plate...

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