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Written Assignment #1: 20 points Psych 1, Summer 2009 Due in class, Thursday July 16th For this assignment, you will compare and contrast the writing style and information content between a popular press report and a primary research article regarding the function of a neurotransmitter of your choice. You may be unable to find an exact match between 2 articles, but you must choose two articles that address the same topic. A popular press report can come from Psychology Today, Discover Magazine, Scientific American, the newspaper, another popular magazine, or a website. Your primary research article must come from a peer-reviewed scientific journal . You can search for and access peer-review scientific journal articles in Psychology through PsychInfo, an article database searchable through UC Berkeley online library services. For both articles, you must: (1) Create a reference list including both articles in APA format (2) Summarize each article in 50 words or less. (3) Describe 2 ways in which the 2 articles are similar . (4) Describe 2 ways in which the 2 articles are different . (5) Explain which article you enjoyed more and why. (** Ease of reading is not an acceptable answer**). This assignment is due in class on Thursday, July 16 th , 2009. Late work will not be accepted under any circumstances. Be prepared to hand in a printout of your assignment that is double-spaced with regular-sized margins, headers and footers (no less than 1 inch, no more than 2 inches), font size 12, Times New Roman. Assignments should be between 1 and 2 pages in length. DO NOT EXCEED 2 PAGES OR HAND IN LESS THAN 1 PAGE OF WORK. Please write several drafts, spell check, proofread and revise your writing before handing in your assignment: I encourage you to take advantage of the academic assistance services on campus for general writing help, particularly if English is your second language: You will not receive full credit if your assignment contains grammatical, spelling or stylistic mistakes.
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Assignment #2: 25 points Psych 1, Summer 2009 Due in class on Monday, July 27 th , 2009 PART 1 1. Read through the text at 2. Go to the website 3. Choose the ‘View Programs’ tab. 4. Scroll down to ‘The Mind: Teaching Modules’ and select it. 5. Scroll down and click on the VoD icon to the right of title #3: The Placebo Effect: Mind/Body Relationship. 6. Watch the video closely & take notes. 7.
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ALLAssignments_2009 - Written Assignment#1 20 points Due in...

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