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out_line_IE2 - helping B After school or university you...

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Vo Thi Nhu Lan - BTUN08019 TOPIC : What is the best age to marry? Give reasons and examples to support your responses. OUTLINE I. INTRODUCTION: - Nowadays, more and more young people are getting married in their very late 20’s into their 30’s. - However, personally I think that there are no the best age to get married , because the best age is possibly based on yourself such as your grow-up, your career, and your love… II. BODY: A. Your grow-up is an important factor for determining when you get married. + You should go to college to ensure your future because the knowledge is very necessary in the future. College is a time to find ourselves and determine what we want; discover who you are and who you can become + Spending more time to learn, acknowledge, and enlarge relationships… + Enjoying everything you like. (Travelling, entertainment, dating…) + You are mature when you can make a right choice by yourself without parents’
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Unformatted text preview: helping. B. After school or university, you should make sure that your financial is good. It means you have a stable life. + Stable jobs. + Independent life and financial without helping from your parents. + For example: you move out of your parents’ house and probably start a new life by yourself; you can buy own houses or own cars, etc… C. Finally, the last reason is obviously your wife-being or husband-being. + Do you really love him or her? + Share everything together and understand them deeply. + Ready to make a new family with them. + Not only the heartfelt-love but also the belief contributes to create a happy wedding and a warm family in the future. III. CONCLUSION:-For me, it’s hardly to say a perfect age to marry.-Remember that only you can define the best age for your marriage because it depends on you....
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out_line_IE2 - helping B After school or university you...

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