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Vo Thi Nhu Lan – BTUN08019 Introduction: 1. Some people prefer to play team sports, while others prefer to play individual sports. Discuss the advantages of each. Then indicate which do you prefer and why. Undoubtedly, sport plays a great role in our life because it is not only a beautiful, nice entertainment but also helps people keep fit and be healthy. While others prefer to play individual sports, some people prefer to play team sports. My preference is playing team sport because of many benefits, specifically social view, emotional or mental side, and physical problem. However, I can only imagine the advantages of playing individual sports. 2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “Actions speak louder than words”. Use specific reasons and examples to support your
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Unformatted text preview: response. Nowadays, making good speeches plays an important role in the success of many careers. But just word without action is nothing. From my point of view, I totally agree with the statement “Actions speak louder than words”. 3. It can be quite difficult to learn a new language. What do you think are the most difficult aspect of learning a new language? Give reasons and examples to support your response. Learning a new language is enjoyable but at the same time it requires a lot of effort and study. I think the most difficult aspects of learning a new language are the difference of culture and traditions between countries, and the complicated phonic or the alphabet unfamiliar with our mother tongue....
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