Hw1-101-2008 - x)circular y)conservation z)mass 2 One of the most important numbers in Physics is Planck’s constant 6.6260755x10-34 kgm 2/s

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PHYS 101 Homework # 1 DUE DATE: September 23, 2008 Please do not submit copycat answers from the solutions book. You should at least show your understanding of the problem. Otherwise, this will be considered as cheating. 1) Find, learn, memorize and list the meanings of the following words. List the Turkish equivalent (if you speak Turkish). You can use any dictionary. a) Friction b) Vertical c) Horizontal d) Simultaneous e) Interpret f) identical g) force h) weight i) position j) Speed k)Velocity l)Acceleration m) resistance n) density o) increasing p) decreasing r) continuos s) extend t) beyond u)inertia v) rotation w)gravitation
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Unformatted text preview: x)circular y)conservation z)mass 2) One of the most important numbers in Physics is Planck’s constant: 6.6260755x10-34 kgm 2 /s. Express this number with a) 4 significant digits b) 3 significant digits c) 5 significant digits d) 6 significant digits. e) 1 significant digits. 3) Question 1.6 in the text. Chapter 1. 4) Question 1.7 in the text. Chapter 1. 5) Question 1.9 in the text. Chapter 1. 6) Problem 1.62 in the text. Chapter 1. 7) Problem 1.66 in the text. Chapter 1. 8) Problem 1.67 in the text. Chapter 1....
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