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PHYS 101 Homework # 4 DUE DATE: October 21, 2008 Please do not submit copycat answers from the solutions book or some other solution you have in hand. You should at least show your understanding of the problem. Otherwise, this will be considered as cheating. 1) Internet Treasure Hunt: Using a net browser, find the following information and tell which WWW site you have located this info. Please also explain (in step by step) how you have reached to this information a) The current distance between sun and Jupiter. b) Physical constants, list only five of them, indicate the number of physical constant (with measurement errors) in your list you have found in internet. c) The minimum gatewidth used in latest Pentium processors, and the number of transistors used in latest Pentium processors. d) The top 25 Electrical Engineering departments in USA. e) The number of Physics PhD’s awarded by USA universities in year 2007. 2) Imagine a car involved in a head-on crash. The driver, whose mass is m, is to be
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