HW1-2 - Oregon State University Physics 201 HW1-2 Fall...

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Oregon State University Physics 201 , Fall 2009 HW1-2 (due Oct. 12 at 5:00 p.m.) Page 1 Oregon State University Physics 201 Fall Term, 2009 HW1-2 Note: This HW is due October 12, covering topics in Chapters 1 o , 2 and 7 of the text. These problems are presented in no particular order and may freely use/mix concepts throughout the assigned sections of Chapters 1, 2 and 7. Follow the recommended format for problem solutions. As always, diagram and label all parts of each situation meaningfully— with variable names (instead of numbers)—and use those labels to solve the problem as far as possible befor e putting in numerical values. Use SI units unless directed otherwise; and assume three signi± cant digits in your ± nal numerical answers. 1. Youʼre driving at a speed of 28.0 m/s eastward along a straight, level road at night. Suddenly you see the shining eyes of a deer standing in the roadway ahead. You slam on the brakes and manage to stop your car just 6.40 m west of the terri± ed deer. If your reaction time was 0.365 s, and you ± rst saw the deer from a distance of 120 m, what was the average acceleration applied by your brakes? 2. A cement block accidentally falls from rest from the top of a 123-m-high building. When the block is 53.0 m above the ground, a man, 2.00 m tall, who happens to be standing directly underneath, sees the block falling toward him. How much time does he have to react to avoid being hit by the block? 3. A stone, initially at rest, is dropped from the top of a building. On its way down, it passes a window that is 2.52 m tall. It takes 0.134 seconds to pass the window. From how far above the top of the window was the stone dropped? 4. A car is traveling on a long, straight, level road at a constant velocity. It passes a train sitting at rest on tracks that run parallel to the road. At the moment when the front of the car is even with the front
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HW1-2 - Oregon State University Physics 201 HW1-2 Fall...

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