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Unformatted text preview: OSU Physics Last 4 Digits of Student ID# First 2 Letters of Last Name Course #: PH _________________ Date of Exam: ____________________________ As indicated, either: Circle your True/False choice, write a letter response (A/B/C...) in the box provided, in or or write a short answer (not a paragraph) on the line provided. short provided. 1. Which exam form do you have? (short answer) ------> __________________________________ 2. TRUE or FALSE (circle one) 8. 3. TRUE or FALSE (circle one) 9. (short answer) ------> __________________________________ 4. TRUE or FALSE (circle one) 10. (short answer) ------> _________________________________ 5. TRUE or FALSE (circle one) 11. (short answer) ------> _________________________________ 6. TRUE or FALSE (circle one) 12. (short answer) ------> _________________________________ 7. TRUE or FALSE (circle one) 13. (short answer) ------> _________________________________ 14. <------------------------------------------------(multiple choice) 15. <------------------------------------------------(multiple choice) 16. <------------------------------------------------(multiple choice) 17. <------------------------------------------------(multiple choice) Total possible points on this page: 30 Item 1 has no point value. Items 2-16 are worth 2 points each. Score (this page): ___________ ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/13/2010 for the course PH 201 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at Oregon State.

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