1012 Notes Dimen Transl Motion

I vxf and ax or y vyi vyf and ay the one consistent

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Unformatted text preview: or components ( x, vx.i, vx.f, and ax or y, vy.i, vy.f, and ay). The one consistent connection between the two parts of the motion is time: We’re talking about one object, so the same time interval, t, applies to both x- and y- motions. 10/12/09 Oregon State University PH 201, Lecture #7 x-motion vx.f = vx.i+ax( t) x = (1/2)(vx.i+vx.f) t x = vx.i( t)+(1/2)ax( t)2 vx.f2 = vx.i2+2ax( x) y-motion vy.f = vy.i+ay( t) y = (1/2)(vy.i+vy.f) t y = vy.i( t)+(1/2)ay( t)2 vy.f2 = vy.i2+2ay( y) ( t is common to both motions.) ax is constant 10/12/09 ay is constant Oregon State University PH 201, Lecture #7 In all cases, the actual motion of the object is the vector sum of th...
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