Melian Dialogue

Melian Dialogue - Spencer Lane "Pledged" Melian...

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Spencer Lane “Pledged” Melian Dialogue Athenian Point #1: For the Melians to hear them (the Athenians) out and settle whichever points they disagree on before disagreeing with everything outright. Melian Counterpoint #1: The military presence the Athenians come to the discussion with leaves no other option than to disagree with them wholeheartedly. Melian Point: If they (the Melians) do submit their future will be slavery Athenian Counterpoint: If the Melians only came to talk about the future they (the Athenians) will leave. Athenian Point: They are attacking the Melians because of acts they have committed directed at the Athenians, and the fact that it is natural for the stronger nation to invade and conquer a weaker nation. Melian counterpoint: That the Athenians should not attack them because it would disregard a common protection of taking advantage of a financial opportunity that was presented to them. Melian point: If the Athenians attack them it could and would lead to their fall. Athenian counterpoint #2:
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Melian Dialogue - Spencer Lane "Pledged" Melian...

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