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P34 - x = 100 x √ 4-x where x is the number of hours that...

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Project 34 MAC 2311 YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!! 1. Evaluate each of the following integrals using a basic substitution. sec 2 ( x ) tan 2 ( x ) d x x 2 e - 2 x 3 d x e 1 x 4 x 2 d x 8 x 3 4 - 3 x 4 d x 2. The following problems involve techniques from previous sections along with integral substitutions that are a bit more complicated. Find the area bounded by the x -axis and the curve f ( x ) = 1 + x 1 + x 2 on the interval [ 0 , 1 ] . (Hint: to integrate, split f ( x ) into two fractions first.)
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Over a four-hour period, the number of students within a certain campus building changes at a rate of γ
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Unformatted text preview: x ) = 100 x √ 4-x , where x is the number of hours that have elapsed during that period. Find the exact change in the number of students during these four hours; then round your answer to the nearest whole number. A tiny organism begins to move in a straight line with velocity v ( t ) = t 3 ( t 2-8) 1 3 microns per second, where t is the time elapsed in seconds. Find the exact values for the displacement and total distance travelled by the organism during the first 3 seconds of its motion....
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