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EGM 3400 and 3401 (circle one) NAME:_______________________ Spring 2007 Quiz 10 Open book/Closed notes – Time limit = 25 minutes The uniform rod OC is 0.5 m long, has a mass of 10 kg, and is initially hanging straight down and at rest. A bullet (initially at A) has a mass of 20 g and a horizontal speed of 700 m/s. After the bullet passes through the rod OC it is at B and now has a speed of 400 m/s in the horizontal direction. Find the largest angle θ that the rod OC makes with the vertical after the bullet passes through the rod. rams Solution: Impulse on bullet: () 0.02 400 700 6 bullet mm I kg i N s i ss ⎛⎞ =− = ⎜⎟ ⎝⎠ r r r Therefore the angular impulse on the rod about the point O is: ( ) 0.5 6 3 mj N si N m s k −× = r rr
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