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MMAU - Mankind has always searched for answers since the...

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Mankind has always searched for answers since the beginning of time. One of the answers that always comes back is the presence of miracles in the everyday world. This is evident in the “Grand Inquisitor” when they are talking about how the miracles that have saved people in the past, which the Devil tries to discredit, with what many people know today as logic and reason. This is still very prevalent in today’s society because very religious people put their faith in the fact that miracles can save people from pain or death. There are also new types of miracles not just ones handed down by the grace of God: these are medical miracles. This has become prevalent in today’s society thanks to advances in modern medicine. Another common trait that was present in the “Grand Inquisitor” is mystery, which again is present in today’s society through the basis behind human curiosity. The mystery behind something is what entices human interest in it. It sets the stage for delve into the unknown, when something is mysterious to someone they are intrigued by it and
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