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Name: ______________________________ Spring 2008 1 INTRODUCTION TO NUMERICAL METHODS OF ENGINEERING ANALYSIS EGM 4344 EXAM 2 General instructions: This exam is closed book and closed notes except for one page, front and back. The only allowable calculator functions for the in-class portion are +, -, *, /, sin, cos, and ^, and sqrt. All work on this exam should be done individually, and you are reminded that the University of Florida has an honor code. The instructor has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating on exams. Any suspected violation of the honor code will be reported to Student Judicial Affairs. If you are found guilty, you may receive a permanent mark on your UF academic transcript and will receive an automatic failing grade in this course. Please show all your work clearly and neatly, as partial credit will be given if it is clear that you understood the concepts required to solve the problem. All three problems should be completed. No credit will be given without a signature and date on the honor code statement below . Note that an extra credit problem is also provided worth 5 additional points. I pledge my honor that I did not violate the University of Florida honor code during this exam. Signature: Date:
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Name: ______________________________ Spring 2008 2 Problem 1 – General Concepts. (25 points) a) (5 points) Up through chapter 7 of the Chapra book, we have had three key concepts for the entire course, where one of these key concepts has two key subconcepts. List these concepts in the spaces provided below: Key concept 1: ____________________ Key concept 2: ____________________ Associated key subconcept 1: ____________________ Associated key subconcept 2: ____________________ Key concept 3: ____________________ b) (5 points) List two bracketing and two open methods for finding the root of one nonlinear equation in one unknown: Pick methods that are distinct from one another rather than slight variations of each other. Bracketing method 1: ____________________ Bracketing method 2: ____________________ Open method 1: ____________________ Open method 2: ____________________ c) (5 points) List two bracketing methods for solving unconstrained optimization problems with one design variable: Bracketing method 1: ____________________ Bracketing method 2: ____________________ d)
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