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U NIVERSITY OF C ALIFORNIA , R IVERSIDE D EPARTMENT OF E CONOMICS ECON 130: INTRODUCTION TO MONEY, BANKING AND CREDIT FALL 2009 S YLLABUS Instructor: Dr. Daya Muralidharan Lectures: MWF 4:10 – 5:00 pm, OLMH 1208 Office: SPROUL HALL, Room 3121 Office Hours: W 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. or by appointment E-Mail: Course Description: This course intends to provide an understanding of how money, the banking system and financial markets interact and affect the economy as a whole. The main topics to be covered include behavior of interest rates and rates of return, risk-return tradeoff in asset markets, role of money and the financial system in an economy, roel of the federal reserve, multiple deposit creation, money supply process and the conduct and implementation of monetary policy. Required Textbook: Mishkin, Frederick S., The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets , Ninth Edition, Addison-Wesley, 2010. TA Sessions: There will be 50 minute weekly TA sessions conducted by Deniz Baglan. The TA will discuss the handouts posted on iLearn and conduct quizzes. You are required to attend TA sections. Your grade for the discussion section depends on attendance and how you do on the quizzes.
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Syllabus - Fall 2009 Introduction to Money, Banking, and Credit
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