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Introductory Psychology Winter 2009 Steven Clark 3111-E Psychology Class: MWF 1:10 - 2:00 Office hours: MW 2:00 - 3:30 Office phone: 951-827-5541 email: steven.clark@ucr.edu There is no “textbook” for this class. We are going to do something that no Intro Psych class at UCR has ever done. We will not have a textbook. So, how will you learn anything? 1. Ninety-five percent of what you need to know about psychology - at an introductory level - can be found on the internet. We will find it. We will download it. Some of what we find on the internet will be inaccurate. Part of our job (mine in particular, because I am the “teacher”), is to figure out what is accurate and what is not. 2. We will write our own textbook. I am going to call it The UCR FUBU Introduction to Psychology, 2009 Edition . (I am open to alternative titles). I’ll write most of it, but you’ll help. It’s your textbook, too. Evaluation: Course grade is based on (a) midterm and final exams, and (b) other assignments. You can calculate your final grade with the following equation: Grade = [(.25 x Midterm-1) + (.25 x Midterm-2) + (.35 x Final) + (.15 x other.)] Letter grades are assigned with the usual .90, .80, .70, .60 cutoffs. Grades are based solely on exams and quizzes. There is no extra credit, and no “deals” or special arrangements. Midterms and Final Exam.
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This note was uploaded on 01/14/2010 for the course PSYCH 002 taught by Professor Clark during the Spring '09 term at UC Riverside.

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p1syllabus-1.w09 - Introductory Psychology Winter 2009...

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