moral lifeu - 1 How does one define a moral life is?...

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1 How does one define a moral life is? Philosophers have been looking to answer this question for centuries, while they have all come up with their answers it is still up to each individual to decide for ourselves what we believe is a truly moral life. This can be learned from reading the ideas of others or through your own personal experience. In my personal opinion people learn to live a moral life through their experiences and what people in their lives teach them. The first statement makes the claim that humans are either born moral or they are not. This claim has some similar aspects to that of Hobbes because he makes the claim that all humans are born evil and immoral. While this is not in complete agreement to the previous statement, there are similarities because this statement assumes that there are some people who are born immoral and need people to guide them to do the right thing. This is similar to Hobbes theory that people need one strong guiding force to stop everyone from destroying each other. However, I disagree with this statement because I personally do not believe that people are born inherently bad or good. I believe that it is necessary for people to experience things for themselves and decide what they think is morally just and unjust. The second statement says that people learn how to be moral though training from influential people and standards in their life. These include people like your parents, religious leaders, and pillars of life such as laws and manners. This is similar to what Locke talked about when bringing up the blank slate. The two ways people can learn what is right and wrong is by viewing other people and how they respond and act in
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moral lifeu - 1 How does one define a moral life is?...

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