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12S-Section-Solution - would be returned...

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CS107 Handout 12S Spring 2007 April 13, 2007 Section Solution Problem 1: Meet The Flintstones typedef struct rubble { int betty; char barney[4]; struct rubble *bammbamm; } rubble; typedef struct { short *wilma[2]; short fred[2]; rubble dino; } flintstone; rubble *simpsons; flintstone jetsons[4]; simpsons = &jetsons[0].dino; jetsons[1].wilma[3] = (short *) &simpsons; strcpy(simpsons[2].barney, "Bugs Bunny"); ((flintstone *)(jetsons->fred))->dino.bammbamm = simpsons; *(char **)jetson[4].fred = simpsons->barney + 4; simpsons jetsons[0] jetsons[1] jetsons[2] jetsons[3] 'B' 'u' 'g' 's' ' ' 'B' 'u' 'n' 'n' 'y' 0
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2 Problem 2: Scheme /** * Traverses a properly structured list, and returns the ordered * concatenation of all strings, including those in nested sublists. * * When applied to the two lists drawn above, the following strings
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Unformatted text preview: * would be returned: * * ConcatAll(gameThree) would return “YankeesDiamondbacks” * ConcatAll(nestedNumbers) would return “onethreesix” */ typedef enum { Integer, String, List, Nil } nodeType; static char *ConcatStrings(const char *first, const char *second) { char *result = malloc(strlen(first) + strlen(second) + 1); strcpy(result, first); strcat(result, second); return result; } char *ConcatAll(nodeType *list) { switch (*list) { case Integer: case Nil: return strdup(""); case String: return strdup((char *)(list + 1)); } nodeType **lists = (nodeType **)(list + 1); char *front = ConcatAll(lists[0]); char *back = ConcatAll(lists[1]); char *result = ConcatStrings(front, back); free(front); free(back); return result; }...
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12S-Section-Solution - would be returned...

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