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CS107 Handout 19 Spring 2007 April 25, 2007 Section Handout The multitable allows a client to associate keys (of any type) with one or more values (of any type). It operates somewhat like the C++ map class, except that it’s written in C and it allows multiple values to be bound to a single key. The multitable shouldn’t re-implement the hashset and the vector , but instead should be layered on top of them. A single key’s collection of values should be stored in a C vector , and each key/ vector -of-values pair will be stored in a C hashset . The pair itself is a manually managed chunk of memory, the size being determined by the size of the key and the size of a vector . I’ve designed the multitable struct for you, but you’ll be implementing three functions to demonstrate your understanding of all the low-level C functions we’ve been studying. Here’s the reduced .h file outlining the signatures of those three functions. typedef int (*MultiTableHashFunction)(const void *keyAddr, int numBuckets); typedef int (*MultiTableCompareFunction)(const void *keyAddr1, const void *keyAddr2); typedef void (*MultiTableMapFunction)(void *keyAddr, void *valueAddr, void *auxData); typedef struct { hashset mappings; int keySize; int valueSize; } multitable; void MultiTableNew(multitable *mt, int keySizeInBytes, int valueSizeInBytes, int numBuckets, MultiTableHashFunction hash, MultiTableCompareFunction compare); void MultiTableEnter(multitable *mt, const void *keyAddr, const void *valueAddr); void MultiTableMap(multitable *mt, MultiTableMapFunction map, void *auxData); Some constraints and clarifications: You needn’t worry about alignment restrictions. The bytes making up a key must be laid out and replicated according to the diagram above. The bytes making up a value must be replicated as elements of the vector of values.
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19-Section-Handout - CS107 Spring 2007 Handout 19 Section...

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