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CS107 Handout 29 Spring 2007 May 11, 2007 Assignment 6: RSS News Search Revisited The first exercise was lifted from an old Julie Zelenski handout. The second exercise is all me. Assignment 4 was all about using a collection of custom data types and generic containers to build a fast, super-lean, industrial-strength application. For the most part, the application does exactly what we want: it’s set up to download every RSS feed on the planet, it ignores words that are sure to be in every article, it skips over inlined JavaScript, CSS rules, and HTML comments, and it associates every meaningful word with every article it appears in. What’s the one feature that in practice would be deemed unacceptable? All articles are downloaded sequentially, and configuration takes on the order of several minutes instead of a few seconds. Your high task this week has you leverage off of CS107-specific material in order to make the RSS news feed aggregator load faster and more effectively. This time, you’re going to take my Assignment 4 solution (where all articles are downloaded one after an other in sequence) and infuse a little thread and semaphore action so that hundreds of news articles are downloaded simultaneously. (Linux lovers: bad news. The CS107 thread library is Solaris-specific, so that means you need to work on the elaine s—either directly or through ssh .) Due: Monday, May 21 st at 11:59 p.m. Multithreaded RSS News Aggregator In practice, the sequential, single-threaded implementation of Assignment 4’s RSS News Feed Aggregator would be considered unacceptably slow. Users don’t want to wait five to ten minutes while an application fires up. You’re to take my own solution to Assignment 4
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29-Assignment-6-RSS-Revis - CS107 Spring 2007 Handout 29...

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