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CS107 Handout 39 Spring 2007 May 30, 2007 Sun's Java Development Kit Written by Lisa Laane and revised by Jerry. There are quite a few Java development environments to choose from, but most reliable one out there is Sun's JDK for Solaris. The JDK (short for Java Development Kit) package several command line tools—tools java , javadoc , and javac . Dealing with javac , the Java compiler, is much like dealing with g++ . Because javac and g++ are so similar, one is rarely surprised during Java compilation. Whatever surprises there might have been are made invisible by the make process, which works just as well on top of Java development as it does for C++ development. What follows is a brief but complete coverage of how to deal with the JDK while working on your Assignment 8 submission. Well aware that there are several other Java platforms to choose from, I have no problem with your wanting to work on some other platform using some other suite of Java tools. After all, Java trumpets its compile-once-run-anywhere message all over Silicon Valley. True platform independence is not quite a reality though, so if you choose to work elsewhere but run into problems, you'll be expected to wise up and bring your work back home to the Sparc workstations and the JDK. Regardless of your success or failures on Macs and PCs, you'll ultimately need to port everything back to the Sun machines, test one final time, and then electronically submit as if you've worked at Terman all along. Please give yourself ample time for the port; you don't want to ftp everything over from your PC at 11:45 p.m. and bank on a smooth transition. My experience is that you should give yourself a good three hours to overcome porting issues. Most will need only a fraction of that much time, but if you do running into platform compatibility issues, chances are they alone with keep you busy for a good chunk of your evening. Wherever you work, make sure you’re working with either a Java 1.5 or 1.6 compiler. Editing and Compiling We recommend using emacs for editing again, since it provides automatic formatting for Java code. Editing your code is really nothing new. You will have many small class files, each named appropriately, all in the same directory. This time, instead of using
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39-Java-IDEs - CS107 Spring 2007 Handout 39 Sun's Java...

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