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3.3.08 econ 113

3.3.08 econ 113 - -Spontaneity-Self-fulfillment Demand of...

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The Franscendentalist Agenda - Give freedom to the slave - Give well-being to the poor and the miserable - Give learning to the ignorant - Give health to the sick - Give peace and justice to society The Oneida Community - New York 1848 - Millenarianism the 2 nd coming of Christ had already occurred - Humans were no longer obliged to follow the moral rules of the past o All residents married to each other o Carefully regulated “free love” Secular Utopian Communities Individual freedom
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Unformatted text preview: -Spontaneity-Self-fulfillment Demand of community life-Discipline-Organizational hierarchy Early 19century Women-Unable to vote-Legal status of a minor-Single could own her own property-Married no control over her property or her children-Could not initiate divorce-Couldn’t make wills, sign a contract, or bring suit in court without her husband’s permission Abolitionist movement -1816 American colonization...
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3.3.08 econ 113 - -Spontaneity-Self-fulfillment Demand of...

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