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2 - PREFACE This Student Solutions Manual gives...

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PREFACE This Student Solutions Manual gives intermediate and final numerical results for all starred (*) end-of-chapter Problems with computational elements contained in Applied Linear Statistical Models , 5th edition. No solutions are given for Exercises, Projects, or Case Studies. In presenting calculational results we frequently show, for ease in checking, more digits than are significant for the original data. Students and other users may obtain slightly different answers than those presented here, because of different rounding procedures. When a problem requires a percentile (e.g. of the t or F distributions) not included in the Appendix B Tables, users may either interpolate in the table or employ an available computer program for finding the needed value. Again, slightly different values may be obtained than the ones shown here. The data sets for all Problems, Exercises, Projects and Case Studies are contained in the compact disk provided with the text to facilitate data entry. It is expected that the student
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