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Audrey 1. In order to adapt to the American way of living, African slaves have to change their customs. For example, in cities and towns in the South, they establish their own churches base on those of Christian but they pray mainly about salvation and freedom from slavery. Their language was also being alternated. In order to communicate with one another, slaves developed a language called “pidgin” where some African words were retained but was drawn primarily from English. Music was also important in blacks’ lives. They often sang while working to pass the time. Family relationship also played a crucial role in the blacks’ society. Slaves often get married after they have kids and were
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Unformatted text preview: often belong to neighborhood white owners. Black families always had to deal with separation because of slave trade. 2. Slaves depend on their owners completely. They depend on them for shelter, for food and protection. That’s why even though white owners mistreat them (as written in “Solomon Northup on Work in the Cotton Fields”) slaves didn’t dare to fight back. And because owners know that slaves depend on them, they continuously ask for more and more from slaves, even more than slaves could do. This is the paternalism in the owner-slave relationship....
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