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gov dec 15 notes - Henry Clay & Mar tin Van Buren both...

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Henry Clay & Martin Van Buren both avoid the Texas issue. Whigs ok, but Democrats pass the issue over to James Polk. Polk elected, Texas became a state. Oregon compromise: Washington rejected Polk’s compromise of establishing border between US and Canada. Opposition from the people accept it. Texas boundary dispute: Mexico wants Nueces River to be border, but Texas wants Rio de Grande. Polk agrees with Texas then sends troops to fight. New Mexico flourishes as trade center and become more American than Mexican. California: Mexican there then come Americans wanting to make Cali part of US. Polk supports. Mexican war declared: Polk tried to buy off Mexican but M refuse then P send troops to fight. M first refuse to fight but then fight. War declared on May 13 1846. Some argue that P didn’t do the right thing. He is wasting resources that he should be spending on the Oregon issue. Bear flag revolt: colonel Stephen Kearny sent to fight in New Mex but then join rebel in Cali called bear xx. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: Polk anxious to get war over quickly then send Nicholas Trist to
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gov dec 15 notes - Henry Clay & Mar tin Van Buren both...

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