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We are on the brink of another war with England and everyone can sense it including myself. But as I am writing this today, I hope that by any measure, we should avoid another bloodshed. We all want to be citizens of an independent nation, I agree. Am I angry with taxation without representation? Yes I am. Should the American colonies govern themselves independently? I think they can, and they should. But am I willing to go on a war with England, then my answer is no. I am speaking not as a soldier but as a normal person. I have a family and 5 kids. If I go to war then who will take care of them. Remember, this war will not only be fought on the frontier but right here, among our homes, and our children will see it with their own eyes. Yes I want, more than anything else, to see
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Unformatted text preview: the sun shines on our Nation, but on a nation of Freedom and Independence, not one of ruins and orphans and sorrows or mourning and regrets. This will be the biggest battle in our history, and even if we win there will have to be a lot of sacrifices to make. It is not only about us but about our family and everything we held dear. Call me anything you want, but I believe that no men of conscious and enough wisdom to lead us will put our homes on the line for war. He will have to weigh to pros and cons before doing anything. There are alternatives to war. We should take our case against the king and plead with him. If we don’t succeed then we will try again. I will do anything possible to prevent a war....
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