Gov sep 28 hw - 2 They were very close their lines crossing each other’s and as neither was carrying a flag the Loyalists mistook the Patriots as

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Audrey Vo Dr. Turner Sep 28 th 2009 Albigence Waldo at Valley Forge 1. Waldo thought that he and the soldiers are fighting for the sake of others, people in the “home front”, yet they knew nothing of his suffering and blamed him for not trying harder. 2. The British. Guerrilla Warfare in the South 1. Tories were those who remained loyal to Britain.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. They were very close, their lines crossing each other’s, and as neither was carrying a flag, the Loyalists mistook the Patriots as British. 3. The murdered prisoners were in Tarleton’s army the preceding May. The Patriots before killing them wanted to remind them of the crime they had committed....
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