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Unformatted text preview: Audrey Jan 6 McClellan’s Peninsular Campaign: a Union operation under George B. McClellan. Its purpose was to capture the confederate capital of Richmond, moving from Ohio into western Virginia. Instead of moving directly to Richmond, where he was sure his army would be ambushed, the Union commander instead decided to ship his 121,500-man Army of the Potomac to the tip of the York-James Peninsula by sea, then approach Richmond from there. The Peninsular Campaign began in March 1862 - more than seven months after McClellan took command. The battle of Antietam: knowing that the Confederate army was separated, McClellan did not attack right away but he waited and gave Lee some time to pull all of his armies to the Antietam Creek. Then on September 17, a battle was fought with high casualties on both sides. Later on, McClellan had one more opportunity to destroy the Confederate army but instead he let Lee’s army retreat into Virginia. This is the first major battle to be fought in the North, also resulting in McClellan being removed from command for...
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