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Audrey Nov 9 th 2009 1. The Tariff was supposed to protect American products from the North by taxing the import goods from Britain heavily. The people of South Carolina hated it so much because they had to pay higher prices for goods the country did not produce, and because the Tariff also made it harder for Britain to pay for the cotton they imported from the South. Adams entire presidency was constantly under attack. During the legislative session of 1828, election year, Jacksonian congressional put forth a new tariff on certain manufactured goods and raw materials hoping New England reps (Adams people) would reject it. Adams signed the tariff, leaving Southerners so upset
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Unformatted text preview: that John C. Calhoun secretly wrote the "South Carolina Exposition" calling on Southern States to ignore the tariff. 2. The Webster-Hayne debate was between Daniel Webster of Massachusetts and Senator Robert Y. Hayne of South Carolina that took place on January 1830 regarding protectionist tariffs. According to Webster, the Union was the indivisible expression of one nation of people, but to Hayne the Union was the voluntary compact among sovereign states. 3. Andrew Jackson stated that the nullification was treason and he proposed a bill enabling the president to use military forces to see that acts of Congress were obeyed....
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