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nov 12 hw - Audrey Jackson vetoed the Recharter Bill of the...

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Audrey, Nov 12 2009 Jackson vetoed the Recharter Bill of the Second bank because he believed that coin was the only safe currency and he did not support bank notes or any banks that issued them. Thus he made it clear that he would not favor renewing the Bank when it was due in 1836. The Democrats were old-fashioned and always preferred the traditional way of doing things, whereas the Whigs are modernized and always looked forward to the future. The Democrats favored individual farming and development, and the rights to own slaves, and the Whigs favored urbanization and industrialization. The Democrats favored territorial expansion through war of purchases, while the Whigs favored expansion over time. The Democrats oppose banks and corporation while the Whigs wanted to use federal funds to improve the country’s wealth (this is why Jackson, a Democrat, did not veto the Recharter Bill of the Second Bank in 1836). The Democrats always preferred agrarianism, slavery, states’
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