T1 EXAM - A merica before exploration: The South: mainly...

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America before exploration: The South: mainly Incans and Aztecs, mainly agricultural with substantial cities. Sophisticated culture with religious ceremonies. The North: Eskimos , hunting and gathering, agriculture. Cahokia, large important trading center. Women for family, men hunting . . Reason Europe explore: growth in population/ trade look for market. New monarchs seek for development in their new nations. English settling: social and economic problems. Costly wars, economic changes in demands of wool. So need land. Puritans: purify the church. Separatist: a branch of puritans want to worship in their own way Slavery in Chesapeake: need for land & labor for tobacco. American Revolution: Because the British and the colonists were fighting against the French in the seven years war, and they were in debt. They began taxing the colonists to get out of debt. The colonists thought this was unfair, and mutinied. Became patriots b/c they cannot stand the unreasonable tax anymore and want to be an independent country. Loyalists: rich landowner in favor of British gov. war with B would hurt their wealth
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T1 EXAM - A merica before exploration: The South: mainly...

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