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UTopia Scope Requirements Example

UTopia Scope Requirements Example - Find people by class...

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The UTopia Project Scope Requirements Context Diagram Former Students Registrar Current Students Prospective Students Faculty Parents Recruiters UTopia Administrator Help Desk Process Definitions Friending Process - finding, inviting and confirming friends De-Friending Process - removing friends and/or ignoring related posts Add/Drop a Class - managing registration details for a specific class Report Class Grades - reporting and receiving grades for a course Business-Level Use Case Definitions
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Unformatted text preview: Find people by class, section, major, or high school Perform “batch” functions on friending, de-friending, etc. Provide an assignment dashboard and calendar for each student Information Subject Areas Name Access Rights People Access People Profile Maintain Courses Access Course Profile Maintain Assignments Maintain Events Maintain Financial Aid Not Accessed Student Sports Packages Not Accessed...
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