Chapter 5 AP Biology Notes

Chapter 5 AP Biology Notes - Tran1 Chapter 5 AP Biology...

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Tran 1 Chapter 5 AP Biology Notes Polymer Principles: Most macromolecules are polymers: 4 Major Classes of Organic Compounds in Cells: (Carbohydrates, Proteins, Nucleic acids) = Polymers. Lipids Monomers form larger molecules by condensation or dehydration. One OH, and one H. Polymers can disassemble: hydrolysis. Ex: Digestion Variety of polymers built from small set of monomers. Organisms share limited number of monomer types, organism unique because specific arrangement of monomers into polymers. Each class of polymer is formed from specific set of monomers. Small molecules common to all organisms are ordered into unique macromolecules. Carbohydrates—Fuel and Building Material: Sugars, the smallest carbohydrates, serve as fuel and carbon sources Carbohydrates include both sugars and their polymers. Monosaccharide: simplest carbohydrate, simple sugar, single sugar. Generally have formula (CH 2 O) n . Carbon skeleton size ranges from 3 to 7. Disaccharides: double sugar, two monosaccharides. Polysaccharides – macromolecules In aqueous solutions, sugars form rings. Monosaccharides: major nutrients for cells (cellular respiration). Carbon skeleton serve as raw material for synthesis of other types of small organic molecules, such as amino acids and fatty acids. Disaccharide has glycosidic linkage – covalent bond , dehydration 2 Starch: Amylose(Unbranched) and Amylopectin(branched). Polysaccharides, the polymers of sugars, have storage and structural roles Polysaccharies: serve as storage (starch), building material for structures that protect cell. Architecture and function of polysaccharide determined by sugar monomers and
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Chapter 5 AP Biology Notes - Tran1 Chapter 5 AP Biology...

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