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Initial Report 1. Current Situation After speaking with Supervisor and the proposal been accepted on 25/11/2009 and reading a bit on web development some important areas of the project is been identified like usability, reliability, affiant, speed to access etc so conceding this as key areas to The initial task analysis is done where some of the main task been listed this is done by brainstorming they are Client management (The word client is means companies that B.S audits work for) o Manage client details Company details Owner details o Manage client payment details User management (end users/company staffs) o Mange user personal details o Manage user assess details Intercompany recruitment search This is a functionality which is to be developed as a part of the system. This is a search function which is to be used to search company staffs in a given criteria for e.g. if there is a vacancy in the firm using this system a internal short list of suitable staffs can search. Now it is to be finalised by talking to people (friends) who work with business organizations so will have an idea on what an intranet for a business organizations should have. 1. Changes to Proposal There is a main change in the project this project is not going to be developed in 2. Research As mentioned above in current situation the key areas to research is been identified and initial research is been started on areas like design (HCI & usability are been conceded) etc. 3. Design Since this is an Intranet system taking to account the different between Internet Because the project was accepted just a week back I was not able to work on the design but idea on how the design is to be is been collected to some extent.
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4. Development As said in design section because the project was accepted just a week back no development is been done but things are to be started in by this week 2. Problem Areas Since I am not good in PHP language but still I have taken this as a challenge but I am not sure if I can get hold of some major areas like Ajax but still I hope and try to give the best out of my learning. The function mentioned above call intercompany recruitment search even though I have taken this as a functionality I am not sure if this can be implemented if all the main function are been completed as planed I will be able to implement this. 3.
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Initial Report body - Initial Report 1 Current Situation...

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