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Reading 1 John Lawson - Neil Mehta 01/14/2010 HIST 127 001...

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Neil Mehta 01/14/2010 HIST 127 001 John Lawson and the People of the New World At the turn of the 18 th century, John Lawson and a group of eight Englishmen and Native Americans, to help facilitate communication with the natives, set off on a two-month journey through the Carolinas to find a multitude of cultures in which he kept a detailed journal to explain his findings. The backcountry of the Carolinas was unfamiliar to most people, but Lawson was able to find many Native Americans and Europeans inhabiting the remote areas. The population of the Carolinas mostly consisted of these two groups along with African slaves and indentured servants. However, it was Lawson’s description of the Indians inhabiting the Carolinas which revealed new assumptions of the everyday lifestyle, diet, and culture of the indigenous peoples in the “New World”. John Lawson first commented on the political views of the population. He acknowledged that the European influence which started centuries ago helped develop a governmental body in the new world similar to England’s; for example, the city of New-York was governed by a mayor much like England was governed by a king (page 2); tribes were ruled by chiefdoms who oversaw small regions much like the King in England. Lawson also commented on Charles-town and how its forts serve as a defense for the town (page 2). The people of South Carolina were also well acquainted with trade due to their access to the Pacific Ocean. Lawson’s first encounter with the Sewee Indians was violent as he observed the death of bears, deer, and turkeys. The
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Reading 1 John Lawson - Neil Mehta 01/14/2010 HIST 127 001...

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