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Assignment 12 Due: 23 rd Nov 2009 1. Dijkstra's algorithm Consider the directed graph G in figure 1. Use Dijkstra's single-source shortest path algorithm (page 721-726) to calculate the shortest path from vertex 1 to each vertex of the graph shown below. The number along each edge between two vertices is the weight of the edge. Show the predecessor and distance arrays following each step of Dijkstra's algorithm. Refer to Figure 18.9 on page 722. 2. Simple paths and simple cycles A path with no repeated vertices is called a simple path, and a cycle with no repeated vertices aside from the start/end vertex is a simple cycle. In this assignment, you will extend the LinkedDigraph class to support several additional functions related to simple paths and simple cycles. PLEASE put all your solutions in one single java file. Name this file . a) Suppose you have a directed graph G=(V,E), develop a new method FindPathLen(int i,int j,int k), which will print the simple path between vertex i and j, whose length is k. If there are multiple such paths, just print one of them.
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asg12 - COP 3530 Assignment 12 Due: 23rd Nov 2009 1....

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