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PRINT PSYC 331 Quiz 1 Version A - PSYC 331 Exam#1 Version A...

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PSYC 331 Exam #1 Version A Name___________________________________ Multiple Choice . Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. ____ 1. Let us assume that you wish to study aggressive social behaviors in college students immediately before and after the lunch hour. You decide to watch the entrance of a dining hall from a more remote location, and simply categorize the behaviors that you observe (along with a frequency count of those behaviors). This can most accurately be described as an example of which observational approach? a. case study b. deviant-case analysis c. naturalistic observation d. survey ____ 2. Which of the following represents a limitation (i.e., a threat to internal validity) for any correlational study of the relationship between smoking and lung cancer? a. Smoking incidence could be confounded with other variables that might increase suscept- ibility to cancer. b. Some relevant factors could not be examined in a correlational study, but all these factors could be directly manipulated in an experiment. c. It is not possible to construct a contingency table that maps out the relationship between variables. d. A correlational study about smoking is more difficult to set up than a controlled experi- ment. ____ 3. In which section of a research paper is an author ideally supposed to provide a review of the relevant re- search that has been previously conducted on the topic? a.
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PRINT PSYC 331 Quiz 1 Version A - PSYC 331 Exam#1 Version A...

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