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PRINT PSYC 331 Quiz 1 Version B - PSYC 331 Exam#1 Version B...

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PSYC 331 Exam #1 Version B Name___________________________________ Multiple Choice . Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. ____ 1. Response style refers to a. selective remembering and forgetting b. reactivity in case studies c. reactivity in interviews and surveys d. a habitual way of asking questions ____ 2. In experiments, independent variables are a. independent of experimental control b. the results of careful measurements of behavior c. varied by the researcher d. extraneous to the experiment and allowed to vary randomly ____ 3. Which question is most likely to be asked by the critical reader during his/her evaluation of the method sec- tion of an article? a. Are there any alternative interpretations? b. What questions are left unanswered? c. What are the independent, dependent, and control variables? d. What hypothesis will be tested in the experiment? ____ 4. The two major functions of a theory are a. induction and organization b. organization and testability c. prediction and precision d. organization and prediction ____ 5. An experimental group or condition a. is all that is required to conduct an experiment b. is often untreated c. receives the baseline level of the independent variable d. receives the level of interest of the independent variable ____ 6. In which section of a research paper is an author ideally supposed to provide a review of the relevant re-
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PRINT PSYC 331 Quiz 1 Version B - PSYC 331 Exam#1 Version B...

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