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2007 midterm data analysis

2007 midterm data analysis - Take-Home Data Analysis Data...

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Take-Home Data Analysis Data Description: Jim Baumann and Leah Jones of the Purdue University School of Education conducted a study to compare three methods of teaching reading comprehension. The 66 students who participated in the study were randomly assigned to the methods (22 to each). The standard practice of comparing new methods with a traditional one was used in this study. The traditional method is called Basal and the two innovative methods are called DRTA and Strat. In the data set the variable Subject is used to identify the individual students. The values are 1 to 66. The method of instruction is indicated by the variable Group, with values B, D, and S, corresponding to Basal, DRTA, and Strat. Two pretests and three post tests were given to all students. We will only consider the two pretests and the posttest. These are the variables Pre1, Pre2, and Post3 respectively. The researchers would like answers to the following questions: Are the pre-tests useful for predicting the post-test scores?
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