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1. The primary advantage is clarity. If you are discussing an object, you can make your message clearer by showing the object or some representation of it 2. Another advantage of visual aids is interest. The interest generated by visual images is so strong that visual aids are now used routinely in many areas , not just speechmaking. 3. Still another advantage of visual aids is retention. Visual images often stay with us longer than verbal ones. 4. Types of visual aids include: models, photographs, drawings, graphs, charts, video, transparencies, and multimedia presentations
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Graphs are a good way to simplify and clarify statistics 6. No matter what visual aids you plan to use, prepare them well before the day your speech is due. 7. PowerPoint is a great boon to communication. It allows you to employ all the kinds of visual aids. 8. Remember that too many visuals—not to mention visuals that are badly designed or poorly explained—can do more harm than good. 9. The major elements of PowerPoint slides are text, images, and sounds. 10. Graphs are excellent for communicating statistical trends and patterns....
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