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ME350 – Sand Casting Lab Instructions 1 Objectives The objectives of this lab are to: (1) Create a mold for sand casting. (2) Create parts of the students’ design by sand casting. (3) Examine sources of faults and defects in the process. 2 Lab Structure 3 Sand Casting Procedure 3.1 Mold Creation (1) Separate the cope from the drag and place cope on the pattern board. (2) Glue the pattern to the pattern board. (3) Use a brush to sprinkle a little parting dust onto the pattern. Do not brush the dust onto the pattern; rather, collect some dust on the brush and shake it lightly above the pattern. (4) Cover the pattern with a shallow layer of sand first and make sure to pack it tightly around the pattern; use your hands for this first portion so that you can feel that the sand is packed tightly. 1 Pattern making (RP lab) Mold making Melting Aluminum Pouring Aluminum Solidification and cooling Removal of sand mold Cleaning and sprue removal Examine finished casting for defects
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ME350 – Sand Casting Lab Instructions (5) Once the initial layer is packed continue to add sand. Use the rammer to make sure it
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