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ME350 - DoE Lab Report (40 pts) 1 Introduction (8.5 pts) 1.1 Background (5 pts) - Answer in a few brief paragraphs (1) What kinds of operations can be done using a lathe? Discuss one operation in detail (2 points): a. How does the tool move for this operation? b. What kinds of tools and inserts are used? Why? (2) What is Design of Experiments methodology? Give a brief history, citing references. (3) What parameter(s) can be used to quantify surface roughness (include mathematical definitions)? How does the Starrett Machine measure these parameters?
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1.2 Importance (2 pts) - Answer in a few brief paragraphs (1) What is one main advantage of DoE methodology? What is one main assumption of DoE? (1 point) (2) How does utilizing DoE and such statistical methods improve the outcome of a manufacturing process? (1 point) 1.3 Objectives (1.5 pts) - Answer in a brief paragraph Describe the objectives of the lab. What knowledge and skills did you obtain? 2
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5_doe_report.20091012.4ad353bf902889.00573751 - ME350 - DoE...

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