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ME350 – Design for Assembly Background Info 1 Design for Assembly 1.1 Background There are many different considerations involved in designing components for manufacture. Important factors include the ease, cost, and reliability of assembling the product’s individual components. In this lab you will utilize the technique of Design for Assembly (DFA). DFA is a methodology for analyzing a product with regard to assembly concerns. It includes estimating the time and cost associated with assembling the product, and it highlights components that are significantly impacting assembly time and/or cost. In addition DFA provides a means of identifying components that may possibly be eliminated entirely, or combined with other components. The DFA index is a measure of the efficiency of the assembly of this part design; the larger the value is the more efficient the design. In this lab each group of students will perform a DFA analysis for a radio controlled car. Design for Assembly 8.2 software will be used. For the purposes of this lab, only manual assembly will be investigated. Keep in mind that throughout this entire process, the software is looking for ways to streamline the production of your assembly based on the 10 DFA factors. The questions you will be asked are designed to determine whether the part is really necessary or whether it could be combined with another part. 1.2 DFA terminology The analysis will primarily give: (1) A decision as to whether the part can be considered a candidate for elimination or combination with other parts in the assembly (2) Guidance on how to improve assemblability (3) Estimation of the time taken to grasp, manipulate, and insert each part
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6_dfa_background.20091012.4ad353e3e035d8.32530555 - ME350...

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