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ME350 – Design for Assembly Lab Instructions 1 Objectives The objectives of this lab are to: (1) Learn to perform DFA analysis using Design for Assembly 8.2. (2) Perform DFA analysis for a model car. (3) Analyze the results of the DFA analysis. 2 Lab Structure 3 DFA and Assembly These instructions will guide you through the steps to perform design of assembly analysis on the provided model remote controlled Corvette cars. There are two simultaneous tasks in this lab: to reassemble the car, and to enter each step into the DFA software, which will require you to measure the part’s dimensions. Please ask your TA if you have any questions with the assembly, and don’t lose any parts. 3.1 Prep Work You will receive the car in an assembled state. Your task will be to use the DFA software module to perform the DFA analysis while assembling the loose components. You will then assemble the cars to the state you originally found them in without losing any of the components. (1) Remove the chassis, front bumper, and rear bumper from the body. (2) Remove the motor cover from the chassis (3) Remove the rear wheels and axle. 1 Disassemble Model Car Reassemble a Model Car Component Perform DFA Analysis on Assembly Step Completed Model Car Assembly DFA Analysis Results
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ME350 – Design for Assembly Lab Instructions (4) Remove the antenna and circuit board cover from the chassis. (5) Remove the tie rod and front wheels. 3.2 Corvette Procedure From the Start Menu: All Programs->DFMA->Design for Assembly 8.2 Note: Make sure to complete the DFA and measure the components before assembling them. See the photos in Section 3.3 for assembly assistance. After assembly, you may find that you need to change values you entered previously due to unforeseen handling or insertion difficulties. (1) Enter “CORVETTE” for the assembly name by double clicking on the
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6_dfa_instructions.20091012.4ad35403661730.41502778 - ME350...

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