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ME350 – Design for Assembly Report (38 pts) 1 Introduction (6 pts) (Answer each section in a brief paragraph) 1.1 Background and Importance (3 pts) (1) Provide a brief overview of what the DFA methodology is (1 point) (2) Describe the importance of utilizing DFA in the design process and what benefits it offers in assembly and manufacturing (2 points) 1.2 Objectives (3 pts) (1) Describe the objectives of this lab in terms of what was accomplished during the experiment and what the overall intent of performing the DFA analysis was. (3 points)
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(38 pts) 2 Methods (8 pts) (Answer each section in 1-2 paragraphs) 2.1 Disassembly and Assembly Process (3 pts) (1) Provide a brief description of the physical operations that were performed during the experiment. Be sure to include all of the components that were analyzed. 2.2 Component Analysis (5 pts) (1) Provide a description of what was done in the software. Be sure to include all of the parameter categories that were required by the software for the components. (You do
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6_dfa_report.20091012.4ad3541db9f910.47898578 - ME350...

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