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Name: th – 44 pts 1. Multiple Choice 6.3: 2. Multiple Choice 6.5: 3. Multiple Choice 6.10: 4. Multiple Choice 6.16: 5. What is galvanized steel coated with and why? 6. In the Iron-Carbon phase diagram, what is the common name given to the following: a. Fe 3 C b. α c. γ 7. What are the three principle methods used to improve the mechanical properties of metals: a. b. c. 8. Multiple Choice 8.3: 9. Multiple Choice 8.4: 10. Multiple Choice 8.6: 11. Multiple Choice 8.9: 12. Elastomers have a similar molecular structure to which plastic? 13. If a polymer material has a “branched” molecular structure, then what type of polymer is it? 14. Using the information given in class, if a type of polyvinyl chloride has a molecular weight of 57,000, then what is its average Degree of Polymerization (round to the nearest integer).
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15. Determine the solid phase proportion, liquid phase proportion, and %Cu for Cu-Ni that is heated to 1400°C then slowly cooled to 1260°C: 16. Fill in the boxes in the graph below giving the values for each of the line intersections.
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hw_3.20090910.4aa9b30832eec9.53984739 - Name: HW # 3...

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