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Name: th – 50 pts 1. Multiple Choice 22.2: 2. Multiple Choice 22.8: 3. Problem 22.1 (assume cut depth is 0.80mm ) a. Revolutions per second = Cutting time (min) = b. R MR (mm 3 /s) = 4. Problem 22.8 (hint determine how many revolutions needed first) a. (min) b. Cutting speed at OD (ft/min): Metal removal rate (in 3 /min): c. Cutting speed at ID (ft/min): Metal removal rate (in 3 /min): 5. A broach is used to cut an equilateral triangular keyway with a side length of 12mm. Assuming the maximum cut depth per tooth is 0.08mm, then how many teeth must the broach have (assume the starting hole is drilled to maximum diameter)?
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Problem 22.10a (point angle doesn’t matter): a. (sec) 7. What are the three functions of cutting fluids: i. ii. iii. 8. Problem 23.5: a. b. use Table 23.2 c. (min) d. (ft/min) 9. Problem 23.17 (m/min) – hint after you derive your equation for v then use L=1.1m in the equation to get the units of m/min. Determine the cutting time and the tool life time to check your answer (min) . 10.
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hw_4.20090924.4abc1b12db6e88.41213201 - Name: HW # 4...

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