cc - Also, 1-800 numbers do not work in Fiji. I was able to...

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From the Desk of Melissa A. Style s January 16, 2008 My name is Melissa Styles and my account number is 4147 0925 0008 2600. To verify for security purposes my last four digits of my social security number is 5752. This letter is to request that my father, Stuart Styles, be added to my Capital One account. I have been living abroad in the Fiji Islands serving in the United States Peace Corps. Before I left America, I gave my father power of attorney over all of my accounts until my return. My account was recently flagged with a fraud alert, due to trying to use my card in Fiji. I tried to call the international number, but unfortunately the operators in Fiji could not get a connection.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, 1-800 numbers do not work in Fiji. I was able to finally contact Robert Coleman from the Capital One Fraud Department. He was able to remove the fraud alert, and advised me to send this letter to remedy this communication problem. If there is a problem, I do not have a telephone number I can be reached at, however, I can be contacted via email at The best way to reach me is through my father at phone number: 805-772-7277. I have also included the Power of Attorney paperwork to verify that my father has the authority to access my accounts. Thank you very much for all of your assistance. Melissa A. Styles United States Peace Corps Vatulele Island, Fiji...
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